Law Society Of Zimbabwe.


Law Society of Zimbabwe

The vision of the law society is to be:
A world class, independent, law society committed to justice and the rule of law.
The LSZ is dedicated to effectively and efficiently representing and regulating the legal profession to promote the sustainable development of the legal profession, the observance of the rule of law, and foster public trust and confidence in the justice system.

The LSZ Council and all members of its management and staff are united by the core values that they each uphold, as individuals and as a team. The organizational culture at the LSZ is shaped by these shared core values. These core values are:

  •   Professionalism – The LSZ team is competent and efficient.
  •   Leadership - We take our obligations as custodians of the law seriously.
  •   Independence - In the exercise of our independence, we have the courage  and fortitud to  resist all forms of undue external influence.
  •  Transparency – We pride ourselves in our integrity and honesty; and uphold the principle  that all people should be held accountable for their actions.