Take your church to the next level

Built with the unique needs of religious communities in mind, the ChurchPro Software is a cloud based Software-as-a-Service solution that offer a range of functionalities to simplify various aspects of church administration. Its goal is to provide a centralised platform that empowers religious leaders to efficiently manage their operations and engage with their congregations, fostering a more connected and organised religious community. Some of the features include:

  • Effective management of administrative tasks
  • Automated member birthday messages
  • Event scheduling and invitations
  • Income & expenditure tracking
  • Visitor & member engagements
  • System-wide trend analysis
  • Event attendance tracking
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We understand the myriad of challenges you face with running a church. We therefore provide a software solution that supports your church and extends the family.

We've more for less - a simple, and straight-forward system

A perfect solution for your church congregation's needs

We provide a software tool that helps your church congregation to streamline all the administrative processes, and has all features required to efficiently run a church organisation. This tool includes various functionalities and responsibilities required of every leader such as:

  • Membership management and reports
  • Financial management including reports
  • Event planning & system invitations
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Pastoral care
  • Email & SMS Communication
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